Pre- and Post-Assessment Questions

B-Speak! Oral and Written Assessment
Part I: Interview Question Bank (for pre- and post assessments)
1. Personal Question — Warm-up
a. Talk about the reasons you decided to go to business school.
b. Talk about what you hope to do after your graduation from Darden.

2. Describe

a. What should an American expect at a typical business dinner in [your country]. Describe the etiquette that is observed and the traditions that are followed.

b. Describe a company [in your native country] whose future looks especially bright. Tell me why you think this company will be successful.

3. Define

a. Define competitive advantage.

b. Define strategic planning.

4. Explain

a. What makes a good manager? What qualities do you admire?

b. As part of a team, what role do you tend to play?

3. Sequence

a. Discuss the decision-making process when a company is considering an IPO.

b. As a manager, you have to assess your competition and differentiate your product from theirs. What would that process be like?

c. As a manager, what are the steps you would take to motivate your team to meet the company’s sales targets?

4. Choose & Defend

a. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring from the inside?

b. What are the pros and cons of outsourcing compared to hiring local labor?

c. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing business online vs. brick-and-mortar?

d. Is globalization in business good or bad – why or why not?

5. Solve

a. What would you do if you were the CEO whose company has been accused of dumping chemicals?

b. How would you respond to an allegation that your CFO has “cooked the books”?