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Why B-Speak?

International Students and Professionals Need Support: You most likely have a basic or even very strong understanding of the English language, however you may lack the practice and guidance required in order to perform confidently at your university, on the job market, or in your workplace. You may need a bit of pronunciation and grammar polishing, or you might require more extensive coaching in order to not only survive, but especially to thrive, both in your graduate program of choice — and in the business world beyond. B-Speak! fills this niche and this recognized need.


Flexible Courses and Scheduling

As you know, business students and working professionals are very busy!! Since you can “meet” with your B-Speak! instructor before classes begin as well as during the academic year, at times that suit your schedule, you are more likely to experience significant improvements in your English and thus enjoy the full-benefits of the program. Since B-Speak! courses are based on the total number of selected hours, you also have the flexibility of signing up for a short 10 hour course or a more thorough 30+ hour option.

A Pro-Active Program: We can work with you at any stage of your career — from preparing for the TOEFL speaking test and admissions interviews to getting you ready for the graduate classroom, job interviews and beyond.


Personalized Instruction

Different from group classes, B-Speak!’s focus is on the unique linguistic challenges of the individual student, whether you are from China, South Korea, Japan, India or elsewhere, which means you get the exact training you need. Whether you are pursuing an advanced degree – or already working – in business, finance, engineering or another field, we can help you build skills and confidence in English.

Meet our Instructors

B-Speak! instructors possess not only the patience required, but also the wisdom gained from years of teaching experience. Our educators hold advanced degrees in education, English, foreign languages, business, law and/or TESOL.

Liz Launer

Liz joined the Speak! team in 2012 to help pilot the B-Speak! program. A New York native, she received her B.A. in Comparative Religion from NYU and an M.A. in English from Hunter College. She has over 20 years of experience editing and teaching writing and ESL at the college and professional level.  In addition to helping develop the B-Speak! curriculum, Liz coordinates B-Speak! and oversees teacher training.

Joe Rockelmann

Joe Rockelmann is originally from Chicago but now lives in Virginia where he is a German and Rhetoric professor at Hampden Sydney College. He holds a BA in Psychology and German from Auburn University, an MBA from Roosevelt University, and an MA and Ph.D in German Literature from Purdue University. Joe has 17 years of teaching experience working with ESL students in the United States, Poland and South Korea.

Dawn Gaither

A native New Yorker with a B.A. in Political Science from Howard University and a J.D. from American University, Dawn traded her legal books for English texts 14 years ago when she started teaching ESL.  She earned her CELTA from the University of Cambridge in 2003.  Since returning to Washington, D.C., Dawn has taught journalists, business executives, diplomats, doctors, lawyers and graduate students. She is a huge fan of using real life materials to teach real life English with lots of enthusiasm, patience, and a warm American smile.

Ellie Kates

Certified for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Ellie infuses her love of language, her business experience and her multi-cultural understanding into her English lessons.  A University of Virginia graduate and avid traveler, she has started two international businesses and has 7 years of ESL teaching experience. In addition to teaching, Ellie is constantly scouting business and cultural materials that enhance the B-Speak! curriculum.

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Our Courses

B-Speak! offers a variety of courses to help you on every step of your journey. Work with a coach on a specific goal such as improving writing, pronunciation or interview-prep or bundle several skill-goals into one with our comprehensive 30 hour B-Speak! course. Once we meet you and assess your English and your goals, we can recommend the best option for you.


Our Promise

B-Speak! will understand your needs, challenge and motivate you and encourage you as you strive to improve your communicative skills in English.

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Our Primary Partner=You!

B-Speak! works with many U.S. Business Schools directly to offer coaching to their applicants and students, though attending or applying to one of these school is certainly not required. Anyone can register for and benefit from B-Speak! training!

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