Get Ready for McDonough: Improve Your English with B-Speak!

Our customized, one-on-one course can help you:

* Build your CONFIDENCE
* Expand your VOCABULARY
* Perfect your GRAMMAR
* Strengthen your WRITING
* Get ready for a SUCCESSFUL GRADUATE SCHOOL experience!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATE for McDonough Students and Applicants! $45/hour

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What is B-Speak!?

Designed by skilled ESL educators at Speak! Language Center, B-Speak! offers premier online English language coaching for international students and working professionals. Whether you are pursuing an advanced degree in business, finance, engineering, science or marketing, we can help you build skills and confidence in English.

How Does the Program Work?

Teacher: Customized Online English Lessons for Graduate Students and Professionals and TOEFL Prep CourseB-Speak! combines a customized online curriculum (up-to-date articles and videos, TED talks, “soft” skills exercises)  with individual live video chat lessons tailored to your unique needs and challenges – from pronunciation and intonation to interview skills and writing. Our lesson modules focus on building the key skills you require – i.e. describing, defining, choosing, solving, defending and challenging – while time with the instructor is dedicated to practicing these skills in ways that will mimic the classroom, case study, presentation or interview experience in a challenging, yet supportive way.

Why B-Speak!?

  • Babson dean with studentInternational Students and Professionals Need Support: You most likely have a basic or even very strong understanding of the English language, however you may lack the practice and guidance required in order to perform confidently at your university, on the job market, or in your workplace. You may need a bit of pronunciation and grammar polishing, or you might require more extensive coaching in order to not only survive, but especially to thrive, both in your graduate program of choice – and in the business world beyond. B-Speak! fills this niche and this recognized need.
  • A Pro-Active Program: We can work with you at any stage of your career – from preparing for the TOEFL speaking test and admissions interviews to getting you ready for the graduate classroom, job interviews and beyond.
  • It’s Flexible: As you know, business students and working professionals are very busy!! Since you can “meet” with your B-Speak! instructor before classes begin as well as during the academic year, at times that suit your schedule, you are more likely to experience significant improvements in your English and thus enjoy the full-benefits of the program. Since B-Speak! courses are based on the total number of selected hours, you also have the flexibility of signing up for a short 10 hour course or a more thorough 30+ hour option.
  • Personalized Instruction:  Different from group classes, B-Speak!’s focus is on the unique linguistic challenges of the individual student, whether you are from China, South Korea, Japan, India or elsewhere, which means you get the exact training you need.
  • Start-to-Finish Support:  B-Speak! is designed to support students in their English challenges every step of the way, from the TOEFL to the admissions interview, from the classroom to the job interview – and beyond.


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What your fellow students say:

“My instructor was very friendly and pleasant.  I did not feel uncomfortable sharing my inhibitions with her.”  – Jayanti G., McDonough School of Business

“B-Speak was so helpful to improve my spoken and written English during my summer internship in USA. Since I had to work with colleagues in a real work place and report to my manager during my summer internship, communicating clearly in speaking and writing was critical. B-Speak was introduced to me at the right time. I could keep practicing my speaking skills regularly and have my teachers proofread my writing in English during my 10-week internship. Also, I could save time with Skype because I did not need to waste time to commute to a language institute. All in all, I highly recommend B-Speak to international MBA students who want to increase the possibility of getting job in English-speaking country. Thank you, B-Speak!”    – Brian K., McDonough School of Business

“I highly recommend the B-Speak! program. My pronunciation and fluency improved a lot and my teacher gave me the confidence to get through the term. The flexibility was great because I was busy with my work and the pricing of this program is very reasonable!”          – Hongwu W., Darden School of Business