From Waitlisted to Accepted!

Preparing for and applying to business school is no easy task; the difficulties and obstacles only multiply when English is not a person’s first language. After working hard on applications, taking all necessary exams and assessments and making it through a nerve-wracking interview, international MBA applicants anxiously await the verdict. While some are accepted right away, many others are placed on the waitlist due to concerns over whether or not they’ll thrive in rigorous programs with high-level, academic English. Even with individualized feedback from business schools, waitlisted students often feel unsure about how to strengthen their applications and become more attractive candidates to their desired schools.

Some students wait and see, while others retake tests in an effort to further demonstrate their abilities. But what these students truly need is a way to prepare themselves for business school that is both comprehensive and tailored to meet their specific needs. This is where B-Speak! comes in.

B-Speak! is uniquely positioned to work with both MBA admissions offices and waitlisted students. B-Speak! teachers evaluate and assess students in order to determine where improvements are needed. They also understand what’s required in order for a student to succeed in the business school classroom and environment. Admissions officers can rest assured that waitlisted students who work with B-Speak! will be prepared to enter their MBA programs with a thorough understanding of the workload they will encounter and the expectations their professors will have of them. Even more significantly, students who have completed B-Speak! courses are armed with tools and strategies that give them the leg up they need.

Nutthasij Klewpatinontha (Nutt), formerly waitlisted at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, credits B-Speak! with helping to get him off of the waitlist. “I think the thing I enjoyed most about our classes was how the classes were tailored to meet my needs,” Nutt says. He goes on to explain that the classes were much more than typical English classes, which focus solely on grammar and pronunciation. Nutt says that his B-Speak! teacher helped him to understand American culture in general and how business customs and cultural cues differ from those of his native Thailand. After thirty hours of class time, Nutt was offered a spot in the incoming class at Darden. Nutt is not only thrilled that he’s been accepted by his first choice MBA program, he believes he now knows what to expect and how to be successful at Darden and in his later business career.