The Road To Business School

For Cristián Guzmán, the dream of business school has always meant more than career advancement or financial success. Cristián has a hunger to learn and he thrives outside of his comfort zone. He sees business school as the ultimate challenge and he looks forward to surrounding himself with people who share his passion, but whose […]

Meet B-Speak! Teacher Dawn Gaither

When Dawn Gaither applied to be a teacher a B-Speak! more than two years ago, her application included more than just a resume. Dawn attached a list of the top 10 reasons B-Speak! should hire her. B-Speak! founder Christina Ball remembers it well: “We received over 50 applications from qualified candidates. Dawn’s cover letter rose […]

Nattinee and Nan

Those of us who lucky enough to travel, work or study outside of our home countries see the world through a broader lens. The mind expands as it is exposed to a new language, culture, customs and cuisine. I have seen my own understanding challenged and broadened through years of work and study in Guatemala, […]

From Waitlisted to Accepted!

Preparing for and applying to business school is no easy task; the difficulties and obstacles only multiply when English is not a person’s first language. After working hard on applications, taking all necessary exams and assessments and making it through a nerve-wracking interview, international MBA applicants anxiously await the verdict. While some are accepted right […]

Meet Xingyu Ji

In English, the name “Xingyu” roughly translates to “wake up from stupid.” With a name like that one, you might imagine Xingyu Ji felt a lot of pressure growing up, but she loves her name and its significance. When Xingyu was born, her mother combined two different Chinese words to give her daughter a name […]

B-Speak! in Bangkok!

B-Speak! In Bangkok by Ellie Kates About nine months ago, I met and started teaching TOEFL prep classes to Nan, a Bangkok native with entrepreneurial dreams and a heart set on bettering her country. Although we started off simply—going through test-taking strategies and practicing vocabulary—we quickly learned we had a lot more to talk about. […]

Personalized English Language Coaching

B-Speak! December Update and Giveaway

Goodbye, 2016! It’s nearly the end of another year, and here at B-Speak! we hope you are well and that you’ve been enjoying great success in business school, in your jobs and in general. You are all a part of our community and we want you continue to use us as a resource!   Expanding […]

From “Superchickens” to Social Capital

The End of the Pecking Order TED TALK : Margaret Heffernan Organizations are often run according to “the superchicken model,” where the value is placed on star employees who outperform others. And yet, this isn’t what drives the most high-achieving teams. Business leader Margaret Heffernan observes that it is social cohesion — built every coffee […]

30 Million Dollars!

B-Speak! Pronunciation How Difficult Is “Thirty Million Dollars”? Actually, it’s not easy. Especially if you are a native speaker of Mandarin or another language that does not include the sounds /l/, /r/, /n/, or /th/. Then, add an “s” sound to the end of the phrase, and you’ve got seven trouble spots in just these […]

Meet Our B-Speak! Teacher: Ruth Salomon

Ruth Salomon embodies the qualities we seek in our B-Speak! teachers: she is both a seasoned English teacher and a citizen of the world. Ruth attended American University in Washington, DC on a full National Merit Scholarship, majoring in Economics and International Relations. While at American, she studied Russian language, and spent one semester at […]