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Personalized instruction

Personalized Instruction

B-Speak! combines a customized online curriculum adapted to the learner’s unique needs featuring individual live video chat lessons with B-Speak! instructors. Instead of a carbon-copy curriculum, we carefully assess each student’s English skills and subsequently get to work designing a custom course that will be interesting, relevant, and ultimately effective for this individual.


Flexible Courses and Pricing

Students can “meet” with their B-Speak! instructor before  as well as during the academic year — and at times that suit their schedule. They can register for a short, 10-hour course or a more thorough 30+ hour option.

Schools can choose to fund all or a portion of their students’ training with B-Speak! or simply refer students (recruits, applicants) to our program who were flagged as needing support.

Partner School Benefits: For schools that work directly with B-Speak!, we offer the benefit of discount pricing and a unique landing page (see example) as well as the support and collaboration of our B-Speak! English team for any related needs, including assessment strategies.


Results-Driven Training

The B-Speak! English Skills Test (BEST) offers a more thorough and relevant alternative to the TOEFL, which often provides schools with an incomplete picture of the applicant’s communicative abilities.  The test includes a video-recorded interview and a writing test to fully evaluate the cognitive-oral skills that budding professionals require — i.e., describing, defining, choosing, solving, defending and challenging.

And, at the conclusion of each B-Speak! course, our partner schools receive a final written report which includes a complete record of lesson content and highlights goals, progress made and recommendations for future training.

Tired of the TOEFL?

Find out more about the B-Speak! English Skills Test (BEST), a more accurate
and thorough alternative.

Meet our Instructors

Our ESL experts work closely with Admissions, Student Affairs and Career Services teams to support those incoming and currently enrolled, whether they are pursuing advanced degrees in business, finance, engineering, science or marketing. B-Speak! instructors possess not only the patience required, but also the wisdom gained from years of teaching experience. Our educators hold advanced degrees in education, English, foreign languages, business, law and/or TESOL.

Liz Launer

Liz joined the Speak! team in 2012 to help pilot the B-Speak! program. A New York native, she received her B.A. in Comparative Religion from NYU and an M.A. in English from Hunter College. She has over 20 years of experience editing and teaching writing and ESL at the college and professional level.  In addition to helping develop the B-Speak! curriculum, Liz coordinates B-Speak! and oversees teacher training.

Joe Rockelmann

Joe Rockelmann is originally from Chicago but now lives in Virginia where he is a German and Rhetoric professor at Hampden Sydney College. He holds a BA in Psychology and German from Auburn University, an MBA from Roosevelt University, and an MA and Ph.D in German Literature from Purdue University. Joe has 17 years of teaching experience working with ESL students in the United States, Poland and South Korea.

Dawn Gaither

A native New Yorker with a B.A. in Political Science from Howard University and a J.D. from American University, Dawn traded her legal books for English texts 14 years ago when she started teaching ESL.  She earned her CELTA from the University of Cambridge in 2003.  Since returning to Washington, D.C., Dawn has taught journalists, business executives, diplomats, doctors, lawyers and graduate students. She is a huge fan of using real life materials to teach real life English with lots of enthusiasm, patience, and a warm American smile.

Ellie Kates

Certified for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Ellie infuses her love of language, her business experience and her multi-cultural understanding into her English lessons.  A University of Virginia graduate and avid traveler, she has started two international businesses and has 7 years of ESL teaching experience. In addition to teaching, Ellie is constantly scouting business and cultural materials that enhance the B-Speak! curriculum.

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About Us

B-Speak! is meant to complement — not compete with — on-campus English language programs offered at many graduate schools. In fact, B-Speak! was originally designed at the request of business schools that found their own group English for Academic Purposes course was not always addressing the individual language needs of students from different countries.


Our Promise

B-Speak! will take students who possess a basic understanding of the English language and train them to handle the communcative demands of competitive graduate programs in the U.S. And, B-Speak! will help improve your job placement rate by developing strong, effective communicators who are ready to wow employers.

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We’ve worked with UVA’s Darden Business School, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, Babson College, the Mason School of Business at William and Mary, and other business schools to create programs for conditional admits, current students or graduating students.

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