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B-Speak! December Update and Giveaway

Goodbye, 2016!

It’s nearly the end of another year, and here at B-Speak! we hope you are well and that you’ve been enjoying great success in business school, in your jobs and in general. You are all a part of our community and we want you continue to use us as a resource!


Expanding The B-Speak! Community

Our goal at B-Speak! is to help all our students achieve their goals, improve their English and prepare for and overcome any challenges. We provide personalized coaching that is tailored to students’ individual needs. This customization is unique to B-Speak! and makes all the difference for our students.

As we move into a new year, we’d like to be able to offer our unique coaching method and set of services to even more people. We hope to expand our reach and make applying for, transitioning to and succeeding in business school as easy for as many non-native English speakers as possible. We’re ready to go, but we need YOUR help to reach others.


Special Offer

During December, if you refer a friend to the B-Speak! program, you’ll receive our Speak! Like an American idioms guide.

American’s CONSTANTLY use unique phrases and word combinations to communicate with one another; they are often confusing to foreign speakers of English.  These phrases are called idioms, and the more of them you know, the more fluent you’ll become (and the more you’ll understand!).

Simply send THIS link to any of your friends and we’ll send you your guide.

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