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Thanks to your hard work and the expert guidance of Admissionado, you will soon be embarking upon an MBA adventure at a top business school. Now it’s time to be pro-active and prepare yourself for the communicative and cultural challenges awaiting you in the MBA classroom, at team meetings and on the internship and job search. Take our advice and that of your peers: don’t wait until you are buried in deadlines to realize you need to improve your English!!

What is B-Speak!?

Businesspeople Seated In Circle At Company SeminarDesigned with and at the request of top business schools to support their international students, B-Speak! is a one-on-one MBA English prep course combining live coaching  with an online curriculum designed to help you:

  • Build your CONFIDENCE and speak out – and up –  in class
  • Expand your VOCABULARY
  • Prepare for JOB/INTERNSHIP INTERVIEWS (in-person and phone)
  • Strengthen your WRITING

SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATE for Admissionado clients!

  • 15 Hours of Coaching: $825 (normally $900)
  • 20 Hours of Coaching: $1,100 (normally $1,200)
  • 30 Hours of Coaching: $1,650 (normally $1,800)
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What B-Speak! MBA students say:

Smiling Asian MBA student“B-Speak was so helpful to improve my spoken and written English during my summer internship in USA. Since I had to work with colleagues in real work place(seriously, I am not in class-room) and report to my manager during my summer internship, communicating clearly in speaking and writing was critical. B-Speak was introduced to me at right time. I could keep practicing my speaking skills regularly and have my teachers proofread my writing in English during my 10-week internship. Also, I could save time with Skype because I did not need to waste time to commute to a language institute. All in all, I highly recommend B-Speak to international MBA students if you want to increase the possibility of getting job in English-speaking country. Thank you, B-Speak!”    – Brian K., McDonough School of Business

 “My instructor was very friendly and pleasant.  I did not feel uncomfortable sharing my inhibitions with her.”  – Jayanti G., McDonough School of Business

Teacher: Customized Online English Lessons for Graduate Students and Professionals and TOEFL Prep Course“My B-Speak! teacher listened to my story and learning needs and remembered every detail, which I greatly appreciated. She also combined what I need to develop in speaking with what is demonstrated to be important in Darden MBA life. I found this 20-hour session very useful and I want to thank you all for your help!” – Michael G., Darden School of Business

“I highly recommend the B-Speak! program. My pronunciation and fluency improved a lot and my teacher gave me the confidence to get through the term. The flexibility was great because I was busy with my work and the pricing of this program is very reasonable!”  – Hongwu W., Darden School of Business

“I definitely recommend this course since I could sense the improvement in my English skills. It not only encourages you to participate in class but also helps you with grammar and writing skills.”  – Victor M., Darden School of Business

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