BEST Test (B-Speak English Skills Test) #12


Student’s name:
Teacher’s name:
Course Hours: 30
MBA School / Status (i.e., applying, on wait list, conditional admit, 1st year, etc.) Babson/Conditional admit
Student’s goals for the course: Goals: (1) increase her tempo when speaking English; (2) correct grammar errors; (3) build confidence in speaking English
Date of Pre-Assessment Monday, April 24, 2017
Question #1 – Personal/Warmup: Talk about the reasons you decided to go to business school.
OR alternate question:
Question #1 score: 5
Question #2 – Define: Define what the word “success” means to you.
OR alternate question:
Question #2 score: 4
Question #3 – Describe/Explain: What do you think are the qualities that make a good manager? Can you give an example of a manager you’ve worked with who exemplifies these qualities?
OR alternate question:
Question #3 score: 4
Question #4 – Compare-Contrast: Given what you already know about American business customs, how would you compare X and Y (e.g., describe the typical business dinner in your country. How does it differ from the typical American business dinner? )
OR alternate question:
Question #4 score: 3
Question #5 – Challenge/Defend: I’m going to make a statement. I’d like you to challenge what I say and defend your arguments: “LinkedIn is a waste of time. It’s just people putting their resumes on the web and bragging about their accomplishments. You really don’t make any useful professional connections through LinkedIn.”
OR alternate question:
Question #5 score: 4
Comment specifically on student’s vocabulary –both strengths (use of business terms, idioms, phrasal verbs) and weaknesses (imprecise word choice, incorrect word forms) Strengths: extensive vocab; very natural and conversational; habitual use of connecting words

Weaknesses: conjugating people vs. person; Articles (__personal habit, the business)

Comment on student’s grammatical usage (verb tense, passive voice, modals, conditional, make vs. do; prepositions, etc.) [Student’s] English is really in good shape. She doesn’t have any consistent problems with grammar overall. Sometimes she’ll miss or use an Article when not needed and she may use the wrong form of a word. But generally speaking, her English skills are impressive.
Pace, volume, pitch: [Student’s] pronunciation skills are excellent. She speaks a bit slow which she is really concerned about. I think she’s in good shape though.
Fillers (“um,” “like,” “how to say,” etc.) None!
Eye contact, body language Excellent!
Rhythm, stress, intonation Really, really, good!
Word endings (e.g., final “s” and “ed” sounds) No problems here either.
Consonant & Vowel Sounds (include examples of problem words) None.
How intelligible would the student’s speech be to a native English speaker (who is NOT an ESL teacher)? · Easy to understand: Obvious accent; patterned pronunciation errors do not distract listener; listener can focus on the content of message