BEST Test (B-Speak English Skills Test) #2


Student’s name:
Teacher’s name:
Course Hours: 10
MBA School / Status (i.e., applying, on wait list, conditional admit, 1st year, etc.) 1st year
Student’s goals for the course: 1. Improve Pronunciation (especially Intonation)
2. Improve Fluency
3. And anything else my Coach recommends
Date of Pre-Assessment Thursday, October 20, 2016
Question #1 – Personal/Warmup: Talk about the reasons you decided to go to business school.
OR alternate question:
Question #1 score: 2
Question #2 – Define: Define what the word “success” means to you.
OR alternate question:
Question #2 score: 2
Question #3 – Describe/Explain: What do you think are the qualities that make a good manager? Can you give an example of a manager you’ve worked with who exemplifies these qualities?
OR alternate question:
Question #3 score: 2
Question #4 – Compare-Contrast: Given what you already know about American business customs, how would you compare X and Y (e.g., describe the typical business dinner in your country. How does it differ from the typical American business dinner? )
OR alternate question:
Question #4 score: 2
Question #5 – Challenge/Defend: I’m going to make a statement. I’d like you to challenge what I say and defend your arguments: “LinkedIn is a waste of time. It’s just people putting their resumes on the web and bragging about their accomplishments. You really don’t make any useful professional connections through LinkedIn.”
OR alternate question:
Question #5 score: 2
Comment specifically on student’s vocabulary –both strengths (use of business terms, idioms, phrasal verbs) and weaknesses (imprecise word choice, incorrect word forms) Strengths:
1. Talked with confidence
2. I caught structure & linking words (firstly, secondly, first of all)
3. Nice debate skills (acknowledge prior arguments, poke holes issues by issue)
4. Good use of expressions: “learning by doing” “apart from that” “chase your dream”
1. I couldn’t understand most of what he said due to mumbling & needless linking of sounds
2. I think he’s using L1 grammar structure
3. No final “s” pronunciation
Comment on student’s grammatical usage (verb tense, passive voice, modals, conditional, make vs. do; prepositions, etc.) 1. Lots of 3rd Person Singular mistakes: somebody have; person have
2. Past Simple mistakes: I come here in August; first time I come here
Pace, volume, pitch: Big problems here.
1. He doesn’t enunciate
2. problems with final consonant sounds (2 season; cohorts, classmates, it depend)
3. problems with consonant clusters (better; quickly)
4. problems with long vowel sounds (coach, maximize, efficiently)
Fillers (“um,” “like,” “how to say,” etc.) Yes. He said “how to say” a few times.
Eye contact, body language Good!
Rhythm, stress, intonation All needs work.
Word endings (e.g., final “s” and “ed” sounds) His final “s” sounds are just not there.
Consonant & Vowel Sounds (include examples of problem words) Consonants: all, better, classmates, efficiently
Vowels: coach, maximize, can, can’t
How intelligible would the student’s speech be to a native English speaker (who is NOT an ESL teacher)? Requires repetition/clarification: Mispronunciation causes frequent misunderstandings
Attach Student’s Writing Sample
Comment on student’s writing skills: 1. Salutation errors: Dear______ and Hi_________
2. Prep errors: in this Thursday
3. Awkward: I just kindly remind you